Hello, and happy new year!

Over the last years, we've built a simple environment to access and organize our digital life. An online desktop to manage all your storage from one place and, more recently, a personal library where you can subscribe to all your favorite social feeds, and explore the best of public online archives.

We've called them Desktop and Library, and the two of them form what we call the Toolbox.

In the age of big and closed platforms that run our lives, our idea was to create a place where the rules of big tech don't apply. A place where we can be ourselves, using software that is not trying to spy on us, misleading us on the way it handles our data, or try to manipulate our brains. The other objective is to facilitate as much as we can portability of our content.

The dissident.ai name was an homage to the Russian programmers who fought against a totalitarian usage of technology in the '60s. They were the first dissident of technology.
Sixty years later, we are not dissident anymore. Now the majority of us want to live in a better technological world. Building Tech with good manners, is our purpose. It is the reason why we've decided to rename the platform polite.

Our new Motto is "Tech with good manners."

Our updated website is at www.polite.one

Desktop is now at desktop.polite.one

Library is now at library.polite.one

We have created automatic redirections to the new URLs

The Polite Toolbox, with Desktop, and Library subscription is still 5 euros per month (50 per year)

Don't forget, Polite is not a vast commercial machine trying to keep you engage. Your subscription allows us to build a good product with the best features possible.

In addition to building the Toolbox, Polite will be a part thinktank, part studio, to share our vision of a "Slow" and "Polite" web.

If you want to contact us, share some ideas, or work with us, we would be delighted to speak with you.

Enjoy our products!