Our Toolbox was created for our personal use.
Manage our files, organize our feeds, explore the best of the public domain.
But we shortly opened it to our friends and people who share the idea of taking back control of their digital lives.

Desktop, a cloud file manager.

Desktop We designed Desktop to be the perfect home for all our files. A simple and powerful way to organize our online storage “mess.” Juggling constantly between Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box was just too much work. So we created a central organization for our files and folders that is similar to the file managers we used on our computers.

Being able to bring back perspective over our content and unclutter our storage was a game-changer.

We became more productive, easily separating work from personal archives and able to clear free space to upload more content. We improved Desktop over time by introducing media players to bring new life to our archived music, movies, and ebooks. We added a universal search to find content within all our storage at once.

Suddenly, Desktop had become the perfect solution for people who needed better file organization. As users would recommend the product to their friends, we decided to open it to more people.

With the initial interest around Desktop, we asked ourselves if it was possible to do something similar for Social Media. Create the perfect social media content manager by helping people following channels and newsfeed rather than the chaos of social media timelines.

Dashboard, a social newsreader.

Dashboard Dashboard is the social exploration tool that has been missing from our lives. By better organizing our social feeds, it allows us to be more focused on content research. We know the most interesting materials are never the ones promoted by social media echo chambers.

DJs, filmmakers, journalists, and other knowledge workers who need access to quality content started using Dashboard. They now had a new way to sustain their daily needs. And it seems that Dashboard helped them diversify their access to photography, music, video, and articles.

With Dashboard for exploring social content, we wondered if we could use the same techniques to access the best catalogs of the public domain. After all, incredible sources of content exist online but are not always easy to access.

Library, the missing public library on the Internet.

Library We started building Library in our free time. With dozens of millions of resources freely available, it is the simplest way to access a carefully preserved version of the past.

We hope you will enjoy all our products!